Don Osman Named 2018 Independence Day Grand Marshal.

Havre de Grace Independence Commission Chair Christy Silverstein and Mayor Bill Martin announce 2018 Parade Grand Marshal to be Don Osman

At the inaugural John O’ Neill Defenders of Havre de Grace Gala on Saturday, April 28, 2018, the Havre de Grace Independence Day Commission announced that Don Osman had been selected Grand Marshal for the upcoming year’s Independence Day festivities.

Nominees in addition to Osman included Billy Berg, Marcy Boyle, Dena Cardwell, Bob Greene, Camay Calloway Murphy, Bill Price, and Jo-Anne Toepfer.  This year’s nominees are all active volunteers who exemplify the parade’s 2018 theme “Havre de Grace Honors America’s Volunteers.” All were nominated by members of the public and clearly demonstrate a strong commitment of service to the Havre de Grace community. These nominees will also be recognized in the parade and will follow Osman on the “Havre de Grace Honors America’s Volunteers” float.

Osman, a former educator, has been involved in community service since moving to Havre de Grace over 50 years ago.  While a teacher at Havre de Grace High School, Osman established S.M.I.L.E.S (Service Makes an Individual’s Life Extra Special) a club which taught students the value of community service.  He also played a key role in organizing a non-profit group which helped raise funds for the building of the James R. Harris Stadium. Most notably though is Osman’s work over the last 30 years with the city’s annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner, which provides a free dinner to anyone in need, even delivering to those who are unable to leave their homes.  Last year’s dinner served over 1400 individuals and included hundreds of volunteers.

Don Osman is 2018 Havre de Grace 2018 Parade Grand MarshalAs grand marshal, Osman will serve as an ambassador for this year’s Independence Day celebration and will help lead the parade down Union Avenue.  

The 2018 Independence Day Celebration will take place on Sunday, July 1.