Last night’s Work Project meeting between our HdG Independence Celebration Committee, Mayor Bill Martin, Police Chief Teresa Walter, a number of city council members and city staff was very productive.

Admittedly there was a lack of communication between the committee and the city over the past 3+ months. But we believe from this meeting forward that direct lines of communication will be restored.

It was a long meeting but each person listened attentively and respectfully to the others. It was clear that no one wanted to eliminate the activities of the celebration, but safety was the primary concern. We all know times have changed. This is a family day and everyone wants to keep it safe.

3D-Women-Happy-01The prevailing attitude was ‘how do we make this work.’ Two hours later, after a lot of detail but also some very creative thinking, there was consensus. Our committee chair, Charlie Mike, will work to get the details re-worked into a new Event Application for the next city council meeting.

Mayor Martin stated that he wants very much to get the event approved so that the Committee can move forward on contracts with parade participants and vendors. We appreciate his enthusiasm and support.

This was not an easy meeting; building consensus rarely is. But it was civil and educational for all sides.

We especially want to thank each and every one of you that filled the meeting room to show your support. We would love to have some of you volunteer. In future posts, we’ll list some of the areas where an extra pair of hands will make all of our jobs easier.We hope you’ll consider helping. Again, thank you to everyone who showed their support last night!

We will update you with the changes as soon as we have them approved.

IMPORTANT: Please attend the Nov. 17th Open Meeting

Each City Council Meeting that does NOT approve our
Parade-Carnival-Fireworks event permit for July 2016
means that you – the community – loses!
We Need Your Help!

FrustrationThe Independence Celebration Committee asks you to please attend an Open Meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, November 17 at 6 p.m. If you live in Havre de Grace and support this very special celebration, you support would be GREATLY appreciated. If you live ‘in the area’ and look forward to this annual city event, please join us! Your support is needed!

“The traditional Independence Celebration parade, carnival, concert, and fireworks are in grave danger of not being held this year due to the inaction of the Mayor and City Council in approving our necessary permit to hold our events. Planning work has had to be put “on hold” due to this refusal. This has jeopardized completion of necessary contracts, etc. If you would like input into resolving this situation, PLEASE attend an open meeting at City Hall, on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 6PM.”

Click here for an article from the Baltimore Sun. Thank you!


The night could not have been more perfect. Temps were pleasant. Skies were clear. Fireworks were … well… just wonderful!

Rescheduled Havre de Grace July 4 fireworks were stunning on August 14, 2015!

In this photo you can actually see the barge located offshore between Havre de Grace and Perry Point. It was a beautiful evening and well worth the wait for these amazing fireworks.

The reschedule was a rarity in the many years of the Independence Celebration Committee’s annual July 4 festivities. And although many were disappointed, safety is always the first priority. But the wait for the rescheduled fireworks was worth it for those able to get to the shore on either side of the river! OUTSTANDING!!!

We again thank each and every sponsor, every donation – large and small, each and every volunteer, and all the folks who enjoyed the show! A special thank you to Vulcan Materials for the barge, and the City of Havre de Grace. We appreciate being able to coordinate the fireworks to give a great finale to the opening night of the Havre de Grace Art Show.

Again, thank you EVERYONE! We hope you enjoyed the show!